Roof Drains

(Also see "Roof Drainage")

A roof drain on an old built-up roof.

Installing a roof drain on a PVC roof.

More Pictures:

1. Assorted Roof Drains

Useful Links:

1. Technical: "5 Steps to Calculate Total Roof Drains Needed" is a handy little guide provided by Hy-Tech Products, Inc. on their website.

2. Technical: Roof Drain Construction Details: An extensive list of easy-to-view details is provided on the Hy-Tech Products website.

3. Technical: Siphonic Drains: "Fundamentals of Siphonic Roof Drainage" is a good introduction to this space-and-material-saving drainage innovation. Available to read on the website of Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co

4. You can find roof drain manufacturers here.