Roof Scuppers

(Also see "Roof Drainage")

A thru-wall overflow scupper near a drain on a TPO roof.

This damaged exterior faceplate at a thru-wall scupper gives you an inside view.

More Pictures:

1. Assorted Roof Scuppers

2. Putting New Thru-Wall Scuppers in an Old Parapet Wall.

Useful Links:

1. General: An excellent general piece on scuppers is available here at the website of the Copper Development Association. They talk about scuppers being made out of copper in that article, but that doesn't mean that scuppers are necessarily made out of copper.

2. Codes: "(P) 1503.4.1 Secondary (emergency overflow) drains or scuppers" in the 2015 International Building Code.

3. Technical: Construction details for scupper/roof tie-ins can be viewed at this page in the technical database at the Firestone Building Products' website.

4. Technical: Basic instructions for the installation of a thru-wall scupper box are available at the website of Metal-Era on this page