Brick Masonry and the Building Envelope

By Roof Online Staff • Last updated October 8, 2022

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Flashing at a brick wall on a built-up roof
A brick rising wall between two roof areas

Pictures of Brick Masonry and Roofs

1. General: A broadly informative general article on masonry wall systems is available on this page at the Whole Building Design Guide website, which is maintained by the National Institute of Building Sciences.

2. General: “Wall Systems” is another useful general article at the Whole Building Design Guide site.

3. General: “Brick Houses – Solid Masonry vs. Brick Veneer” is a good short overview article, with helpful drawings, on the the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection website.

4. Maintenance: “Maintenance of Brick Masonry” is an excellent source of information available at the website of the Brick Industry Association.

5. Maintenance: Also see this Brick Unit Masonry section at the GSA website for several bulletins that discuss various aspects of brick cleaning and maintenance.

6. Safety: “Dry Cutting and Grinding is Risky Business“, about silicosis, was produced by the New Jersey Dept. of Health and available on the Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health website.

7. Safety: See this Material Safety Data Sheet for health and safety information about brick at the Acme Brick Company websiteThis is only an example and other products and brands may be different.

8. TechnicalBrick Veneer Walls: “Brick Construction Details” has a good diagram. Viewable on the website of Endicott Clay Products.

9. Technical: Expansion Joints: “Accommodating Expansion of Brickwork” is a detailed illustrated article available on the website of the Brick Industry Association. Very useful.

10. Technical: “Guidelines For Evaluating The Condition Of Brick Masonry & Mortar” is good if you’re trying to figure out what condition your brick is in. Available on the website of the US General Services Administration.

11. TechnicalSee this Product Data Sheet for the technical characteristics of brick on the Glen-Gery websiteThis is only an example and other products and brands may be different.

12. Technical: A ton of detailed information about all aspects of brick construction is available at the Technical Notes on Brick Construction page on the website of the Brick Industry Association

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