Chimneys and Roofing: Useful Information Guide

By Roof Online Staff • Last updated October 8, 2022

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A chimney on a flat roof area.
A chimney on a flat roof area
Crickets like this help prevent chimneys from leaking.
Chimney cricket on a slate roof

Pictures of Chimneys

1. Building Codes: 2018 International Building Code – “Section 2113 Masonry Chimneys” – available on the UpCodes website.

2. Building Codes: 2021 International Residential Code – “Section R1003 Masonry Chimneys” – available on the UpCodes website.

3. Building Codes: “R903.2.2 Crickets and Saddles” from the 2021 IRC and “1503.5 Crickets and Saddles” from the 2018 IBC are relevant. Both available on the UpCodes website.

4. Maintenance: “Chimney Leaks: What to Do if You Have One & How to Prevent Them” is a short general introduction to weather-related chimney maintenance available on the Chimney Safety Institute of America website.

5. Technical: “Chimney Flashings” is a good illustrated article on the Carson Dunlop home inspection website.

6. Technical: “The Most Common Problems With Residential Counterflashing” on the IIBEC website covers the familiar problems with chimney counter-flashing.

7. Technical: “Technical Notes 19B – Residential Chimneys – Design and Construction” is a great document for the technical information as well as the general understanding of chimneys that it provides. Available on the excellent website of the Brick Industry Association.

8. TechnicalSafety: “A Huff, and a Puff, and…It Blew the Chimney Down” covers “how the lack of design, construction, and code requirements results in chimneys lacking sufficient capacity to resist below design wind loads leading to unsafe conditions.” Available on the Nelson Forensics website.

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