Also see Edge Metal.

Metal coping, or cap flashing, being removed from a parapet wall.

Camelback terra-cotta coping on A brick wall.

Useful Links:

1. General: A lot of very good information about parapet wall coping can be found in this article, “BSI-050: Parapets—Where Roofs Meet Walls”, by Joseph Lstiburek. Available on the Building Science Corporation website.

2. Building Codes: “R903.2 Flashing” and "R903.3 Coping" from the 2015 International Residential Code and “1503.2 Flashing” and "1503.3 Coping" from the 2018 International Building Code. Both available on the UpCodes website.

3. Technical: "Architectural Fascia and Coping Wind Tests Report" is a SMACNA Technical Resources Bulletin from 2017 that describes wind uplift testing on custom-fabricated fascia and coping architectural elements constructed in accordance with the SMACNA’s Architectural Sheet Metal Manual. It tells you the maximum sustained load, in pounds, that various types of properly-installed edge metal could withstand before failing.

4. Technical: Technical Notes 36A - Brick Masonry Details, Caps and Copings, Corbels and Racking Rev [Sept./Oct. 1981] (Reissued February 2001) is an excellent source of information about masonry wall copings. Available on the website of the Brick Industry Association.

5. TechnicalMetal coping construction details can be seen at the Copper Development Association website. The article is very clear and gives you a quick understanding of the subject.

6. TechnicalSee this helpful page for technical information that will give you a pretty good understanding of continuous cleat coping at the Petersen Aluminum website.

7. TechnicalSee here for technical information about clay wall coping. That's at the website of the Logan Clay Products Company.