THE accompanying Skyline Views of New York and Chicago include the finest specimens of modern architecture and engineering in the world, as applied to commercial buildings. The value of these buildings and the land upon which they stand represents hundreds of millions of dollars.

   What more convincing proof can be given of the value of Coal Tar Products than the fact that all the large buildings in these photographs are Roofed or Waterproofed with Tarred Felt and Coal Tar Pitch?

    The roofs in practically all the cases have been laid along the lines advocated in THE BARRETT SPECIFICATION, and the waterproofing of the foundation walls, cellars and vault arches, has been similarly applied. (See Barrett Specification Over Concrete.)

   On some of the modern fireproof buildings the roofs are finished with a course of Vitrified Tile or Brick, laid in Portland Cement over the five -ply Tarred Felt and Pitch, but the majority are finished with a covering of Slag or Gravel.

   The Pennsylvania Freight Warehouses in the foreground were roofed with Coal Tar Pitch, Felt and Gravel more than thirty years ago, and many others show a similar record of service and satisfaction.

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   It is safe to say that there are to-day thousands of Coal Tar Pitch, Felt and Gravel Roofs in various parts of the country, which have endured for over twenty years, with absolutely no repairs or attention of any kind — a record unequalled by any other form of roof covering.

   In fact, Coal Tar Pitch and Tarred Felt have proved themselves to be the best materials for Roofing and Waterproofing by a successful record of over fifty years, in which time they have lived down all substitutes and imitations. No other material used for this purpose has such a record.

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