WHILE the foregoing Specifications have treated fully on the materials and workmanship for a Slag, Gravel or Tile Roof proper, it is also important to have parapet walls, chimneys, skylight and scuttle curbs flashed with metal and such flashings properly connected with the flat roof covering. The following photograph shows copper flashing

against a brick wall with a four-inch flange turned out over the felt roof. The gutter shown in the same photograph has a four-inch flange, which flanges are securely nailed down and then a strip of Tarred Felt is cemented down over the nail heads in hot pitch, over which the final coat of hot pitch and slag or gravel is spread to the wall, or gutter stop line. Metal gutters to connect with slag or gravel roofs require what is known as a gravel stop, which is shown in the cut, to hold the pitch and gravel, which stop is usually ½ to ⅝-inch high.

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