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THIS grade of ready roofing is laid with the burlap side up and then coated with liquid coating or paint. Both the Barrett Specification and the ready roofing specimen were constructed according to the directions of the respective manufacturers, ten days before the fire test was applied, in order to give the coating on the ready roofing ample time to dry and harden. Kindling wood in exact equal proportions was placed on each specimen, and fired simultaneously. After burning for a space of time sufficiently long to entirely obliterate the ready roofing under the fire, and char the boards to a depth of ¼ inch, it was found that the upper layer of the five layers of tarred felt in the Barrett Specification Roof was still soft and pliable and uninjured by the fierce fire which had consumed the other specimen.

   More interest than ever is now being taken in the comparative fire retardant qualities of the various methods and materials used for roofing over wood construction, and we are encouraged to believe that underwriters and building authorities will soon unite in the adoption of fixed standards for fire retardant roofings, with practical and simple methods for testing same. When just and proper regulations of this kind are established, the over-zealous manufacturer will be more guarded in the use of the term "fire- proof," and it will be demonstrated beyond question or doubt that a Barrett Specification Roof is a standard fire retardant.

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THESE are used principally on roofs of considerable pitch, where the services of skilled roofers are not obtainable.

   One of the best of these is the Amatite Roofing, which consists of two sheets of wool felt, saturated with pure Coal Tar. These are cemented together with straight-run Coal Tar Pitch.

   The wearing surface is applied in the process of manufacture to the side to be exposed to the weather with a specially prepared bituminous compound, into which, while hot, is embedded a uniform and even layer of Amatite, the new non-conductive stone surface.

   The surfaced fabric is then passed between heavy rollers, making a smooth, compact sheet of attractive appearance.

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