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   This roofing is a fire retardant in that it will not catch fire from sparks or embers falling on the surface.

   It will require no painting nor attention of any kind for years after it has been put down. This roofing requires no skilled mechanic to lay it.

In fact, any man can do the work by simply following the instructions. For steep roofs it is an exceptionally good article.

   Amatite is put up in rolls 32 inches in width, containing 110 square feet, which is sufficient to cover 100 square feet of roof surface, including 3-inch laps.

   With each roll is sent seven pounds of Amatite cement for laps (see directions for applying,) and one and one-half pounds large-headed galvanized iron nails, which do away with the use of the tin caps ordinarily used.

   Another popular prepared roofing is the Black Diamond, one of the first ready roofings ever manufactured. This was about thirty years ago, since when the sales have aggregated millions of rolls. This test of time has so well established the service reputation of Black Diamond as to make it the standard 2 and 3 ply Ready Roofing of the country.

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THE construction of Black Diamond 2 and 3 ply is clearly shown in the accompanying sectional diagrams.

Two-ply consists of two sheets (AA) of the best quality of Tarred Felt, with a layer of waterproof composition (B).

Three-ply consists of three sheets (AAA) of the best quality of Tarred Felt, with two layers of waterproof composition (BB).

   Unlike Amatite, the Black Diamond is not ready surfaced, but requires coating when laid. This coating is prepared ready for the brush, and, like the roofing, can be applied by anyone.

   Black Diamond is low priced and can be properly laid at but little expense. It is durable and lasting. Just give it ordinary care — an occasional coating which costs but little more than the time employed — and it will serve for many years.

   There are many roofs where the best service obtainable can be secured only by the use of Ready Roofing. That the very best grades be used is an imperative specification, and either Amatite or Black Diamond Roofing will qualify in every requirement.

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