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THE object of this Hand Book is to carefully and fully describe the many and varied uses of Coal Tar Pitch and Tarred Felt in building construction, and to place before Architects, Engineers, Builders and Owners a series of Standard Roofing Specifications.

The accompanying Specifications represent the results of over fifty years actual experience of the most prominent and successful contractors and professional men.

We also furnish information regarding many points of interest in connection with the general subject of Roofing and Waterproofing, including reliable data regarding the proper pitch of a roof, at which the best and most economical results can be obtained, all things considered.

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THE following specifications are generally recognized as standard and strictly in accordance with the most advanced methods of the day. All bear the Barrett name, to differentiate them from others hastily and often inaccurately prepared, or calling for some particular brand of materials.

The Barrett Specifications call for the best materials only. They have been prepared solely from the view point of getting absolutely the very best results obtainable.

For such Architects, Engineers and Owners who may have used Coal Tar Pitch and Tarred Felt for Roofing or Waterproofing with disappointing results, we quote from the special report of Edward Atkinson, President of the Boston Manufacturers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company, on "Outside Covering for Flat Roofs."

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