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"We are very often consulted as to what covering shall be placed upon the outside of a flat roof. It often happens that those who have used tin desire to change to composition, those who have used composition desire to change to tin, others who have used both, desire something else." (Also from the same document) "This will happen if owners make bargains with irresponsible contractors at prices at which the best materials cannot be afforded."

Had Mr. Atkinson included ''methods" with "materials" in this last quotation, he would have fully covered the cause of any unsatisfactory results from the use of Coal Tar Pitch and Tarred Felt in structural work, where time, the true demonstrator, has proved them to be without an equal when used with intelligence and integrity.

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THEREFORE, to the Architect, Engineer or Owner who desires to use any of these Specifications, we would say, confine the bidding to Roofing or Waterproofing Contractors, whose experience and reputation is a satisfactory guarantee and safeguard for intelligent and honest interpretation and execution.

We are at all times prepared to submit additional information on the subject of either Roofing or Waterproofing, and to substantiate our position further in any way that may be desired.

We should be very glad to hear from Architects and Engineers regarding these Specifications, and will welcome criticism or suggestions.

All such communications should be addressed to THE SPECIFICATION DEPARTMENT of the BARRETT MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 17 Battery Place, New York City.

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