NEW developments in materials and methods of construction during the last decade or so have given rise to many problems concerning proper flashing practice under various conditions. Because copper is the recognized standard material for flashings many inquiries on recommended practice have been received by this Association, and have resulted in this effort to codify what is believed to be the best practice for copper flashings.

   This book not only contains the results of long and thorough study and research work on our part, but also embodies the practical experience of leading architects and roofing contractors.

   Differences of opinion regarding, for instance, the use of "soft" or "hard" copper, and the necessity for expansion joints in gutter linings, were encountered and have been met by recommending what we consider to be the best practice. In the text the reader will find a full discussion of such points of difference.

   It rarely happens that the early editions of books are free from errors. The Association therefore will appreciate information regarding any that may appear, as well as any comments or criticisms which will help to improve the book in its later editions.

March, 1924.


   The second edition has been revised, and changed in numerous places. It should be noted, however, that these changes and revisions are in the nature of improvements in methods and descriptions of methods. The fundamental principles enumerated on page one have not been affected. Additions to the subject matter of the book have been made in one or two places.

   The first edition of this book created considerable comment, and brought forth many constructive criticisms. All of these criticisms, which helped to improve the book, have been incorporated in the second edition.

February 1925.