The Association acknowledges with thanks the assistance of Thomas Nolan, F. A. I. A., Professor of Architectural Construction, University of Pennsylvania, for editorial criticism and other suggestions regarding the contents of this book. Acknowledgment for invaluable cooperation is also made to

American Bridge Company

American Face Brick Association

American Institute of Architects, Structural Service Committee

Associated Tile Manufacturers

Atlantic Terra Cotta Company

Atlas Roofing Company

Grosvenor Atterbury, Architect

Elliot C. Brown Co., Builders

Carrere and Hastings, Architects

Wm. F. Clark Co., Roofers

Common Brick Manufacturers' Association of America

Crawfordsville Foundry Co.

E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co.

Guilbert and Beteller, Architects

Wallace R. Harris, International Trade Press, Inc.

Hollow Building Tile Association

U. T. Hungerford Brass & Copper Co.

C. G. Hussey & Co.

Indiana Limestone Quarrymen's Association

Sullivan W. Jones, State Architect, New York

Chas. W. Killam, Associate Professor of Architecture, Harvard University

Klein & Kavanaugh, Roofers

Fred T. Ley, Inc., Builders

Marc Eidlitz & Son, Builders

Master Sheet Metal & Roofers Association of Boston

Henry G. Morse, Architect

McKenzie, Gmelin & Voorhees, Architects

McKim, Mead & White, Architects

National Brass & Copper Co.

National Sheet Metal Roofing Co.

Nicholson & Galloway, Roofers

Geo. B. Post & Sons, Builders

Rising & Nelson Slate Co.

Thomas Robinson, Architect

St. Louis Technical Institute

Herman E. Schanzlin Co., Roofers

The Sheet Metal Worker and its Predecessors

Taunton-New Bedford Copper Company

Walter H. Tinney Co., Roofers

Thompson-Starrett Co., Builders

Trowbridge & Livingston, Architects

Turner Construction Co., Builders

E. Van Noorden Co., Boston, Roofers

Vermont Marble Co.

Otto Walters, Concrete Roofing Tile

Warren & Wetmore, Architects

Wells Construction Co., Builders

Chas. T. Wills, Inc., Builders

Ira H. Woolson, Consulting Engineer

And to Many Others.


   Space does not permit mention of the names of all who have assisted in revising this book. To those whose interest in the general subject of improvement in the art of flashing prompted them to offer to us the benefit of their knowledge and experience, the Association extends its sincere thanks.