Tinned both sides double the above prices.

   For tinning the edges of sheets, one or both sides, price shall be the same as for tinning all of one side of the specified sheet. For orders of less than 100 lbs. where case or crate is necessary, charge will be made at seller's discretion to cover cost of same.

   The process of manufacture is such that a slight variation in weight is to be expected. In estimating it is usual to allow 3% extra for this overweight. After the net amount of copper needed is determined this percentage is added and the cost figured.


   Strip copper is coming more and more into use for flashings. It has several advantages; some of which are its cheaper price; its workability. It can be purchased in small quantities at a cost somewhat lower than sheers, and there is practically no waste. It is made in all widths up to 20 inches.

   The process of manufacture is such that straight edges are obtained. Heretofore, this has been an objection to long sheets of copper.

   Strip copper is readily obtainable in rolls about 75 ft. long. It is also made by some mills in convenient lengths up to 10 feet.

   The accompanying Table V gives the sizes and extras over base price for different widths, as well as prices for cutting into lengths.

   It is generally best to cut the copper to length on the job, for the actual conditions can best determine the lengths needed.

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