Molded gutters of a quite different style are shown in Figs. 88 to 94. As the popularity of these does not warrant their being stocked, they are usually made up to order and prices may be had on application only. A study of Table VIII indicates why these styles do not sell as well as the Single-Bead Eaves Trough. It is apparent that Style C, for instance, simple in contour as it is, has more copper in it than has a similar sized half-round shape. This adds to the cost.

   A 5-inch half-round Single-Bead Eaves Trough has a girth of 10 inches. Style C gutter, 5 inches wide, has a girth of 12 inches, 20% more. A 6 inch half-round Single-Bead Eaves Trough has a girth of 12¼ inches. Styles C and H gutters have a 14 inch girth; style D, 15 inch; styles G and J, 18 inch. The increase in the amount of copper varies from 14 to 46%.


   Figs. 96 to 98 show the usual accessories for half-round Eaves Trough which are carried in stock or can be quickly supplied. It is recommended that these pieces be used wherever necessary as they are factory made and are generally of stronger construction than those made in the field.


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