There are many kinds of gutter hangers on the market, most of which are satisfactory for the special condition for which they are made. Hangers are made of cast brass and bronze (Figs. 99 to 103), of strap copper and brass (Figs. 104 and 105) and of heavy copper wire (Fig. 106).

   The cast type are the most expensive. As they are made in two pieces (a "shank" and a "circle”) it is possible to set the shanks when the building is being erected and to hang the gutters after the painting is done, thus avoiding the chance of damage to the gutters by the painters' scaffolding and ladders.

   Strap hangers cost less than the cast, and are in every way satisfactory. They are simple to apply and lend themselves to almost every type of eave.

   Wire hangers have to recommend them, cheapness and ease of application. They are not as strong as are the other two types and for that reason must be placed closer together.

   The spacing of cast or strap hangers should not exceed 36 inches. Wire hangers should not be more than 24 inches apart. Good practice for these is 30 inches and 18 inches respectively.

   In estimating cast hangers be sure to include the proper size circle with the type of Shank selected.


   As may be seen in Figs. 107 to 110 leaders or conductors are made in four different shapes. Special designs may also be had upon application. Plain round leaders are not generally stocked by manufacturers and jobbers. They are not generally used because, it is stated, they do not resist freezing as well as do the corrugated ones. Moreover the latter are more pleasing in appearance when in place than are the plain ones.

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