Wire basket strainers of stock design and as generally carried by jobbers and sheet metal contractors are shown in Figs. 124 and 125. Strainers of heavier design and wire can be made up quickly to specification. Every outlet should be provided with strainers. Especially is this essential when the leaders are small or have any elbows, etc., where leaves are likely to stick and clog the leader.


   Copper gutters and leaders are also made of 14-ounce material. Then is so little call for them, however, that they are not stocked, and are made to order by most manufacturers. The price difference between 14-ounce and 16-ounce material is not great and it is strongly recommended that 16-ounce materials be used in all cases.


   Practice in making up stock packages varies somewhat with different mills. Because of the expense of crating sheets for shipment the mills make up packages as large as can be conveniently handled.

   Sheets are always packed flat in rectangular crates weighing between 500 and 600 pounds.

   Strip, or roll, copper, is packed either in long crates (6 to 10 feet) weighing up to 500 pounds, (about 50 strips to the box), or in rolls of about 75 feet, four or five rolls to the crate.

   Eaves trough, leaders, and molded gutters are shipped in crates of 25 lengths, 10 feet long. Cornices, ridge rolls and similar shapes are shipped the same way.

   Accessories such as caps and mitres, elbows and shoes, hangers, leader heads, leader straps, wire basket strainers and snow guards are shipped in cartons, in lots of fifties, hundreds, or grosses depending upon the size.

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