cleats. No solder shall be used on standing seams. Cross seams shall be staggered.

   All cross seams shall be flat-locked, and shall be (1) soldered as specified under "Slopes of Roofs"; (2) filled with white lead. They shall be secured by cleats.

28. Flat Seam Roofing. The roofing shall be applied the narrow way, joints staggered, using sheets not larger than 18 by 24 inches. All sheets shall be properly notched and bent to form flat seams. Each sheet shall be secured to the roof with 1½ by 3-inch copper cleats evenly distributed along the edges of the sheet, as specified elsewhere.

   (-1) All sheets to be soldered shall be tinned at least 1½ inches wide all around and on both sides.

   (-2) Where white lead is used in the seams tinning shall be omitted.

29. Valleys. All valleys shall be made with long sheets having no longitudinal seams. They shall be of sufficient width and so cut that the valley shall be 4 inches wide at the top and increase in width from top to bottom at a rate of 1 inch to 8 feet. They shall have their edges turned back ½ inch, shall be secured with cleats, and shall lock with the roofing sheets to form a water-tight joint.

30. Flashings - Where Required. All intersections of roofs with vertical surfaces of every kind, and all openings in roof surfaces, shall be flashed with copper. The method of flashing, except as otherwise shown or specified, shall be base and counter-, or cap, flashing.

31. Continuous Flashings. Where the design or construction is such that the base and counter-flashing method is impracticable, flashings shall be made continuous from the roof surface up and into the vertical surface. Flashings of this type shall be generally in two or more pieces, soldered together. Where possible the joints shall be made by flat or double lock seams. Otherwise lap seams shall be used.

32. Base Flashings. Unless otherwise specified or shown on the drawings base flashings shall be at least 4 inches high, and shall project at least 4 inches out on to the roof. Flashings shall be, in general, full pieces 96 inches in length. On sloping roofs they shall lap longitudinally at least 3 inches. On flat roofs the joints shall be flat-locked.

33. Cap or Counter-Flashings. All pipes passing through the roof shall be flashed and counter-flashed with copper. Flashings shall extend out not less than 6 inches on the roof and shall be turned up not less than 8 inches against the pipes. The counter-flashing shall be (1) caulked into hubs of pipes; (2) embedded in white lead and held with brass clamps; (3) formed into a cap or bonnet to fit over the pipe, turning into the pipe 2 inches and lapping the base flashing 5 inches.

34. Flashings. (Masons' Specification.) Where indicated on the plans or specified build in all flashings furnished by the sheet-metal contractor and as directed by him.

35. Reglets. Where indicated on the drawings or where directed by the architect flashings shall finish in reglets in the masonry cut by others where located

- 16 -