sheet-metal work. Form all depressions in masonry for outlet boxes as shown on the plans. Form slopes to outlets in gutters and back of projections which are flashed.

   All concrete surfaces to be covered with flashing shall be washed smooth with neat cement. Where cinders have been used in the concrete it shall be painted with two heavy coatings of asphalt paint.

   Consult with the sheet-metal contractor on all details in connection with his work.

40. Molded Gutters. Molded gutters of the size and design shown shall be installed where indicated on the drawings. They shall have a flange which shall extend up on the roof and be flat-locked to the roof sheets, and shall be held in place by cleats 30 inches apart.

   The outer edge of the gutter shall be stiffened by a brass rod or rectangular bar, and provided with a proper drip. Braces of heavy copper or brass, spaced 30 inches, shall be locked around or riveted to the outer edge, and secured to the roof sheathing above the flange or flashing by 2 brass screws. These shall be placed before the roof sheets are laid and shall be made water-tight by a special cap soldered to the roof sheets and extending over the braces.

   Joints of molded gutters shall be soldered. They shall lap 1 inch and be secured with rivets spaced 1 inch.

   Outlets shall be provided with tubes soldered to the gutter.

41. Eaves trough and Hangers. Eaves trough, or half-round hanging gutters, of the size and type shown, shall be installed where shown on the drawings. They shall be in 10-foot lengths and shall be joined by 1-inch lapped and soldered joints, or by slip joints. All joints shall be made in the direction of the flow.

   Eaves trough shall be provided with end pieces, end caps, outlet tubes and mitres as required.

   Eaves trough shall be supported by (1) copper or brass strap or rod hangers of approved design; (2) heavy copper wire hangers; or (3) cast brass hook-type hangers.

   (-1.) Strap and rod hangers shall be spaced not more than 36 inches apart and shall be secured to the roofing by brass screws.

   (-2.) Wire hangers shall be spaced not more than 24 inches apart and shall be secured to the roofing by heavy copper nails.

   (-3.) Cast brass hangers shall be adjustable for slope and shall be spaced not more than 36 inches apart. They shall be secured by brass screws.

42. Outlets for Built-in Gutters. Outlets shall be formed as shown on the drawings. The gutter lining shall be turned into them and secured by soldered lap seams.

   Holes shall be cut as soon as the lining is placed and temporary spouts shall be put in until the permanent drainage is ready.

   Outlets shall be connected to leaders by

   (-A.) a 20-ounce copper tube;

   (-B.) a 4-pound lead gooseneck.

   Connections shall be flanged at the top and soldered to the outlet-box lining; the bottom shall have soldered to it a brass ferrule or caulking ring furnished by the plumbing contractor.

42. Roof Drains.    (-A.) Approved types of patented roof drains may be used. They shall be furnished and set by the plumbing contractor and connection shall be made to them by the sheet-metal contractor in strict accordance with the manufacturer's directions.

   (-B.) Roof drains shall consist of a circular or square pan whose diameter or side shall measure at least 4 inches greater than the outlet, and have a depression of not less than 1½ inches. They shall have a flashing extending out on roof surfaces, on all sides of the pan, not less than 6 inches. The flashing shall be flat-locked and soldered to the rooting sheets.

- 18 -