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   (-C.) Roof drains shall consist of a copper flange extending out on the roof on all sides a distance at least equal to the size of the outlet. The flange shall be flat-locked and soldered to the roofing sheets.

   Outlets from drains shall consist of

   (-A.) a 20-ounce copper tube, soldered to the (A) pan; (B) flange, and (1) extending into the drain pipe at least 6 inches with the outside coated with asphaltum; (2) with a brass ferrule or caulking ring soldered to the end for connection to the drain pipe by the plumbing contractor.

   (-B.) a 4-pound lead gooseneck, flanged at the top and soldered to the (A) pan; (B) flange. Connections to the drain pipe shall be made by the plumbing contractor.

44. Roof Drains and Gutter Outlets. (Plumbers' Specifications.)   (-1.) Furnish the sheet-metal contractor all brass ferrules necessary for connecting the drainage system and the roof drains and outlets shown on the plans, and connect copper tubes fitted with these ferrules to the drain pipes by caulked and leaded joints.

   (-2.) Where shown on the plans furnish and install 4-pound lead goosenecks of a length necessary for the sheet-metal contractor to make a proper connection to the outlet-box or roof drain, and with a brass ferrule or caulking ring for connecting to the drain pipe.

   (-3.) Furnish and install complete with all piping connections the patent drains shown on the plans. Make provision, where necessary, for the work of other trades in connecting to the drains.

45. Wire Strainers.   (-A.) All gutter outlets shall be fitted with approved copper wire strainers of the basket-type set in loose.

   (-B.) All gutter outlets shall be fitted with No. 14 gage copper wire strainers of the basket-type set in loose. Vertical wires shall be spaced ½ inch, and shall be reinforced with horizontal wires 3 inches apart, extending around the basket, with each joint soldered.

46. Cast Strainers. All outlets from gutters and roofs shall be provided with heavy, cast brass, removable strainers the full size of the outlet-box.

47. Leaders, Conductors, or Downspouts. Leaders shall be installed where shown on the drawings, of the shapes and sizes indicated. They shall be held in position, clear of the wall, by

   (—1.) Brass hooks, driven into the wall not more than 6 feet apart.

   (-2.) Heavy brass or copper straps, ⅛ x 1½ inches, spaced not more than 6 feet apart, soldered to the leaders, and fastened (1) to wood work by brass screws; (2) to masonry by brass screws set in lead sleeves.

   (-3.) Ornamental straps of (1) stock design; (2) the design shown, and made of (1) hard (cornice temper); (2) soft (roofing temper) copper.

   Leaders shall be in 10-foot lengths, and shall be lapped, tinned inside and out, and soldered. A 1½-inch slip joint shall be provided every 20 feet of leader.

   When leaders connect with underground drains they shall be fitted into drain pipes and shall have the joint neatly cemented. All leaders not so connected shall have elbows at the bottom. Those discharging at ground level shall have heavy shoes with reinforced ends.

48. Leader Heads. Leader heads of (1) stock design; (2) the design shown, shall be placed where indicated on the drawings. Outlet tubes from gutters shall extend into them about 2 inches. The bottom of the leader head shall be soldered to the leader.

   Large leader heads (12 inches wide or over) shall have a heavy copper-wire removable screening over the top.

49. Skylights. Where shown on the drawings build skylights of size indicated and of approved design and manufacture, with curbs at least 10 inches above the roof. All sheet metal shall be 16-ounce hard (cornice temper)

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