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1. Alternate Methods of doing work are listed in order of recommended practice. In every case the first listed (letter A) describes recommended best practice.

2. Different Methods for different kinds of construction are collected under one general heading: the paragraphs have been sub-numbered 1, 2, 3, etc.

3. The arrangement of subjects has been made to agree, as nearly as possible, with the usual arrangement of sheet-metal specifications for the average building.

4. For the convenience of the specification-writer paragraphs have been numbered consecutively, and all Alternates and Different Methods have been given a designating legend.


1. General. The General Conditions of the contract are hereby made a part of the contract and this contractor shall examine these General Conditions and thoroughly acquaint himself with all the requirements therein contained.

2. Scope of Work. Except as otherwise specified this contract includes the furnishing of all labor and materials necessary to complete in every respect in accordance with the best practice all the sheet-copper work of every description for this building.

3. Contractor to Examine Surfaces. This contractor shall carefully examine all surfaces prepared for roofing, flashings, etc., by other trades, shall point out all defects, and shall see that the necessary corrections are made before proceeding with his work.

   This contractor shall arrange his work so as to co-operate at all times with other trades and prevent delay or damage to other work.

4. Precautions against Damage during Construction. During construction care shall be taken to prevent damage to sheet-copper work in place by walking or placing heavy materials on it. As soon as soldering is done, the work shall be cleaned of all injurious substances. Toward completion, all work shall be repaired, shall have all stains and debris removed, and shall be left in perfect condition.

5. Guarantee. Before final payment the contractor shall give to the owner a written guarantee which shall specify the kind, weight and manufacturer of the materials used, and shall guarantee all workmanship against failure for a period of 5 years after the acceptance of the work.

6. Preparation of Surfaces. Before applying copper to any surface the roofing contractor shall inspect same and make sure that it is smooth and even and free from all small projections and hollows. He shall give notice, before starting work, of any defects.

7. Sheathing. (Carpenters' Specification.) All sheathing upon which sheet copper is to be laid shall be of straight unwarped boards, free from splits and knot holes. All joints shall be true and even. All nail heads shall be set. All uneven edges of boards shall be smoothed off to give a firm, even surface.

   Notice shall be given to the roofing contractor when the sheathing is laid and an inspection shall be made by him. All defects observed at this inspection shall be corrected promptly.

8. Building Paper. Before laying copper all surfaces shall be covered with building paper of approved quality, rosin-sized, or asbestos, weighing not less than 6 pounds per 100 square feet. Paper shall lap 2 inches and be nailed with large flat-head copper nails.

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