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   If this water once dries out, the slate will not split readily, and no amount of wetting will renew the splitting property if once it is lost.

   All quarry blocks are conveyed directly to the mill, and if there is any long delay water is thrown over them or they are covered to prevent evaporation.

   Only the highest quality of slate is used for the manufacture of slate products, and all defective blocks are thrown away.

   Thus great mountains of waste are built up around slate quarries, and one of the big problems in the industry is to find uses for this waste material.

   Some of it is ground to a fine dust and mixed with asphalt for making roads. It is also used in such products as floor linoleum, rubber and paint.


From the brief historical outline presented you will appreciate that slate is a remarkable material which nature has endowed with peculiar and valuable properties.

   This short description of uses and processes shows you that man has invented methods whereby these unusual properties may be turned to practical use with the result that slate furnishes many useful products

which contribute to comfort and convenience.


Sometimes on foggy mornings objects appear with dim outlines, and with difficulty we distinguish a house from a tree.

   We see, but our vision is not clear.

   On the other hand we sometimes see objects plainly in so far as our actual eyesight is concerned, but the object conveys little impression to our minds because it is not understood — our lack of information about

the object covers it like a fog, and we see only its outlines.

   Possibly with most of you slate is one of those objects which you see with the eye only, and this short story will have served its purpose if it clears away the fog in some measure and enables you, when you see slate

with the eye, to see it also with the understanding.


June 1, 1923