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14. Continue clicking on the corners of the roof until the lines cover the entire roof perimeter. YOU MUST GO AROUND THE ROOF IN ORDER, or your line will get messed up and you’ll have to start over.

15. (If you click on a corner but you feel like it’s not exactly on the corner, you can fix this. Put the cursor on the problem dot, and the cursor will turn back into a hand. Hold down the left mouse button, and you can drag the dot anywhere you want. Drag it to where you want it. The lines will adjust themselves.)

16. (If you right click on a dot, it will disappear, and the lines will adjust themselves accordingly.)

17. (You can add a dot anywhere you want, and the lines will adjust to it.)

18. Now that you’ve gone around the entire perimeter of the roof, look at the ruler box, and you’ll see the area of the roof.