"This handbook provides basic and fundamental information on adhesives and related bonding processes for the guidance of engineers and designers of military materiel. It should provide valuable information on most of the factors that must be considered in adhesive bonding, and should be of value in the preparation of specifications, including process specifications."

   This document was the US Department of Defense's standard information source for adhesives until 2013.

   We took this off the ASSIST website. ASSIST is the official source for specifications and standards used by the United States Department of Defense. ASSIST provides free access to Defense Standardization Program technical documents that have been cleared for public release.

   In our opinion, the ASSIST website can be very difficult and time-consuming to navigate. So:

(This document was too large to upload all at once. We split it in half. Scroll down for Part 2.) 

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Part One

(pp. i - 207)

Part Two

(pp. 208-439)