Roof Coatings

A reflective aluminum roof coating is applied as a protective surface on a new built-up roof.

A white, elastomeric, fabric-reinforced roof coating has been applied to the panel laps on this raised-seam metal panel roof. The original sealant within the laps had deteriorated, and although this isn't the way the manufacturer recommends the problem be addressed, it's a whole lot cheaper and effective enough for the price. The roof warranty had already expired anyway.  

Useful Links:

1. General: Researching Roof Coatings: for a source of fairly objective information, a good place to begin is at this search results page for "coatings" at the website of the National Roofing Contractors Association. Information from roof coating manufacturers can be biased, and information provided by contractors who specialize in applying roof coatings can be downright misleading.

2. Aluminum Coatings: "Recommendations for the Application of Aluminum Roof Coatings" - practical guidelines put together by the the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association.

3. Building Codes: "R905.15 Liquid-Applied Roofing" from the 2015 International Residential Code and "1507.15 Liquid-Applied Roofing" from the 2015 International Building Code. Available on the UpCodes website.

4. ManufacturersSee here for a list of roof coating manufacturers.