Roof Construction Details: Useful Information Guide

By Roof Online Staff • Updated October 8, 2022

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Roof construction details like this show what everything is and how everything fits together.
Pipe penetration flashing detail for a built-up roof.
Thru-wall scupper detail for a modified bitumen roof.

1. General: Various roof-related construction details can be found on the Thermal and Moisture Protection CAD Drawings page on the ARCAT website.

2. Asphalt Shingle Roof Construction DetailsThis page leads to a comprehensive selection of asphalt shingle details. Available at the GAF website.  

3. Built-up Roof Construction Details: A selection of general flashing details for built-up roofs is provided on the Fields Company website.

4. Cedar Shake and Shingle Roof Construction Details: This New Roof Construction Manual contains a large number of construction details. Available on the website of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau.

5. Cedar Shingle Roof Construction Details: Also see “Technical Information > Installation” at the Waska website for basic details.

6. Copper Roof Construction Details: This Architectural Details page provides access to a number of well-put-together details for copper roofs and the copper components of shingled roofs. On the website of the Copper Development Association.

7. DrainsRoof Drain Construction Details: An extensive list of easy-to-view details is provided on the Hy-Tech Products website.

8. EIFS Construction Details: Access EIFS details on the Senergy EIFS (BASF) website.   

9. EPDM Roof Construction Details: An extensive list of easy-to-view EPDM details is provided on the GenFlex website.

10. Expansion Joints: Construction details for various types of expansion joints can be accessed from the specialty roofing products page on the Johns Manville website. Click on the product type, then click on “technical”, then click on “installation instructions”.

11. Expansion Joints: Some good construction details for roof-to-wall expansion joints are available on the Copper Development Association website.

12. Gutter Construction Details: Once again, the Copper Development Association does a great job with construction details. Their Hung Gutters page is copper-specific, but worth taking a look at regardless. 

13. Masonry Construction Details: The International Masonry Institute has a number of good-looking construction details available to view or download on their Masonry Detailing Series page. 

14. Modified Bitumen Roof Construction DetailsModified bitumen roof details can be viewed on the Siplast website.

15. PVC Roof Construction Details: Many high-quality PVC roof details can be accessed on the Johns Manville website.

16. Scuppers: Roof Scupper Construction Details: Details for various types of roof scuppers are available on the Copper Development Association website. 

17. Tile Roof Construction Details: These tile roof installation guides, available at the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance’s website, are loaded with construction details. Just click where it says “Download PDF”. It looks like they are charging for access, but those prices are only for ordering hard copies.

18. TPO Roof Construction Details: A library of TPO roof details is available on the website of Holcim Elevate, formerly Firestone Building Products.