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Snow Issues and Roofs

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Note the ice dam forming and the deforming gutter.

Note the ice dam forming and the deforming gutter.

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1. General: “Prevent Roof Damage from Heavy Snow and Ice” is a brief overview article produced by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety.

2. General: Snow Load Safety Guide” is a useful and fairly detailed article produced by FEMA as a part of their Risk Management Series.

3. General: The Building Failures Forum is a great source of information. See their page “Snow Load Code Development and Building Failures and Investigations“.

4. Codes: See “Section 1608 Snow Loads“ in the 2018 International Building Code for snow-load-related design considerations. Available on the UpCodes website.

5. Technical: To find the ground snow load for a specific location, see the Hazards by Location page at the website of the Applied Technology Council.

6. Technical: Design: “Considerations For Building Design In Cold Climates” from the Whole Building Design Guide is definitely worth a look. (This page seems to have disappeared as of 7/2/20. We’ll leave the link up in case it comes back.)  

7. Technical: Design: “Minimizing the Adverse Effects of Snow and Ice on Roofs” is a design-oriented article from 2001 available at the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center website. It’s not overly technical and provides a good overview of snow and ice issues.

8. Technical:”Snow-Induced Roof Failures and Prevention Methods” by Alyssa Stangl is an easy-to-follow technical discussion of the subject. The paper is from from 2013 and is also available on the Building Failures Forum site.