Roofing Accessory Manufacturers

Ardelis LLC. - Roofing slate spacers.

BASF Corporation - Chemical admixtures which alter the qualities of various building products.

Benjamin Obdyke Roof and Wall Products - Ridge vents, rain screens, masonry drainage, Cedar Breather® Ventilated Underlayment.

Berger Building Products - Roof drainage: gutters, downspouts, etc. Snow retention. Roof ventilation. Deck drainage.

Bilco Company - Roof hatches, fire vents, railings, fall protection.

Bison Innovative Products - Wood deck tiles for rooftop decks, pedestals (deck supports).

BlueWater Manufacturing - Workplace safety. Fall protection, guard rail systems.

Boral Limited - Pavers. Tile roof accessories. Metal shingle roof accessories.

Carlisle SynTec

CDI Custom Curb Adapters - Pre-fabricated metal rooftop curbs and curb adapters.

CLEANWRAP Interior Protection Systems - Temporary interior protection system installation services.

Commercial Innovations, Inc. - Boots, curbs, drains, walk-pads, termination bar, vents, tools.

DEKS Industries - Prefabricated flashings for penetrations through metal and tile roofs.


Dow Chemical Company - Dow Building Solutions

Ecology Roof Systems

EMSEAL - Expansion joints and pre-compressed sealants.

EternaBond - Roof repair tape for various roof types.

Facility Supply, LLC. - Interior leak diverters.

Firestone Building Products

GAF Materials Corporation

Global Wrap, LLC - Dust and debris barriers, ceiling containment, temporary dust barrier walls. Exterior containment.

Hanover Architectural Products - Pavers and related accessories.

Henry Company

Ideal Roofing

IKO Industries

JLG Industries - Lift equipment. New and used. Scissor lifts, boom lifts, telehandlers.

Johns Manville, Inc.

Kingspan Group

Logan Clay Products Company - Clay wall coping, chimney tops.


MAPA Products - Rooftop support systems. Conduit supports. Pipe supports. Duct supports.

MBCI Metal Roof and Wall Systems

Metal-Era Inc. - Commercial roof edge and roof ventilation products. Fascia and coping.

Miro Industries, Inc. - Pre-manufactured rooftop supports for pipe, conduit, duct, mechanical supports, bridge crossovers, walkways, service platforms and ramps.

Nu-Lok Roofing Systems - Slate roof accessories.

OCM, Inc. - Waterstop products. Forming hardware. Concrete accessories.

OMG Roofing Products - Roofing fasteners, insulation adhesives; roof drains, vents, and flashings; pipe supports, roof repair tape, productivity tools, roof mounting systems. Edge metal, coping, fascia. Drainage, gutters. Expansion joints. Counter flashing.

Owens Corning

Petersen Aluminum Corporation - Edge metal. Metal roof accessories.


PolyOne - Plastic building products.

Roof Monitor - Sensors that monitor live loads of water and snow on low-sloped roofs, and sensors that alert people when they are close to the edge of the roof. 

RoofScreen Mfg. - Rooftop framing systems. Screen walls. Solar panel mounting systems.

Rooftop Anchor, Inc. - Fall protection systems.

Safeguard Europe Ltd.

SEMCO Southeastern Metals - Metal roof accessories. Ventilation products.

Sika Group

Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. - Fastener, anchor, and connector systems for steel, wood, concrete, and masonry.


Situra Inc. - Expansion joints.

Solar Innovations, Inc.

Soprema Group

Stepstone, Inc. - Pavers and related accessories.

Superior Clay Corporation - Terra cotta wall coping. Chimney pots.

Talan Products Inc. - "a full service metal stamping company and manufacturer of tooling and engineered parts..."

TAMKO Building Products, Inc.

Tectum Inc. - Wall panels, ceiling panels, acoustical roof deck. 

Trelleborg AB - "supplier of polymer-based building products for sealing, dampening and waterproofing applications."

TRUFAST Corporation - Fasteners, battens, termination bar, associated products.

TuffWrap - Temporary interior protection system installation services.

United Asphalt Co.

USG Corporation

Vande Hey Raleigh Mfg., Inc. - Tile roof accessories. Copper roof components.

Westile Roofing Products - Pavers and paver pedestals. 

X-Calibur Construction Chemistry Inc. - Admixtures and treatments for concrete.