Building Ventilation Product Manufacturers

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  • Active Ventilation Products – Roof vents, attic ventilators, roof louvers, solar attic fans
  • Air Vent Inc. – Exhaust vents, intake vents, solar attic fans, static vents, power vents, ridge vents, soffit vents, whole-house fans
  • Berger Building Products – ridge vents, soffit vents
  • Lomanco, Inc.  – Turbine vents, ridge vents, static roof vents, power roof vents, intake vents, gable vents
  • Loren Cook Company – General ventilation (commercial), general ventilation (industrial), restaurant ventilation, high temperature ventilation, smoke control, laboratory exhaust ventilation
  • Metal-Era Inc. – Ridge vents, vented fascia, truss vents, vented screens
  • O’Hagin Superior Attic Ventilation Products – static attic vents designed to match tile, shingle, slate, or shake roofing
  • SEMCO Southeastern Metals – Ridge vents, roof jack vents, static off-ridge vents, gooseneck vents
  • Solaro Energy – Solar-powered attic fan vents, solar powered ventilation systems
  • Thunderbird Products – static attic vents in copper or stainless steel, gravity and T-top vents for TPO and PVC commercial roofs