Skylight and Smoke Vent Manufacturers 

   (If you are a reputable and qualified skylight or smoke vent manufacturer and feel that we've overlooked your company, feel free to contact us to ask to be added to this list.)

American Skylights - Commercial and residential skylights. Acrylic and polycarbonate. Unit skylights and skylight systems.

Artistic Skylight Domes Ltd. - Commercial and residential skylights. Acrylic and glass. 

Babcock-Davis - Daylighting smoke vents. Non-daylighting smoke vents. All smoke vents appear to be pop-up type.

Bristolite Daylighting Systems - Smoke vents - drop-out and pop-up. Residential and commercial skylights. Acrylic, glass, and polycarbonate.

Carlisle SynTec - Commercial skylight units. Tubular daylighting devices.

CPI Daylighting - Unit skylights and skylight systems. Residential and commercial. Glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate. Adjustable sunlight transmission. (Company bought by Kingspan in 2018.) 

CrystaLite, Inc. - Smoke vents - pop-up. Commercial and residential unit skylights. Glass and acrylic/polycarbonate. Tubular daylighting devices.

Derbigum - Tubular daylighting devices/solar tubes.

FAKRO - Residential glass skylights.

Firestone Building Products - Pop-up (fusible link) smoke vents. 

IBP - Glass block, various applications. Curb-mounted glass block skylights. 

J. Sussman, Inc. - Custom-designed skylight systems. Various materials.

Kalwall Corp. - Large skylight systems. Unit skylights. Commercial and residential.

Major Industries, Inc. - Skylight systems. Unit skylights. Fiberglass, glass and polycarbonate.

Plasteco - Smoke vents - melt-out. Unit skylights and modular skylight systems. Acrylic, glass, and polycarbonate.

Rolled Steel Products, Inc. - Polycarbonate skylight panels for metal panel roofs.

SG Eco Industries Inc. - Tubular daylighting devices.

Skyco Skylights - Custom skylights, industrial unit skylights, UL listed smoke vents, and tubular skylights.

Solar Innovations, Inc. - Custom-manufactured commercial and residential skylights in acrylic, glass, or polycarbonate.

Solatube International, Inc. - Commercial and residential tubular daylighting devices.

Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights - Fusible-link (pop-up) smoke vents. Prismatic commercial and residential skylights.

VELUX - Residential glass or acrylic skylights. Commercial skylight systems.

Versico - Acrylic commercial skylights.

Wasco Products, Inc. - Drop-out smoke vents. Residential and commercial skylights. Acrylic, glass, and polycarbonate. Unit skylights and skylight systems.