Expansion Joints

View of a curbed expansion joint between two roof sections.

Top view of a curbed expansion joint, showing the joint between sections of the expansion joint cover.

Useful Links:

1. Masonry: "Accommodating Expansion of Brickwork" is a detailed illustrated article available on the website of the Brick Industry Association. Very useful.

2. Technical: Construction Details: Some good construction details for roof-to-wall expansion joints are available on the Copper Development Association website.

3. Technical: "Expansion Joints: Where, When and How" by James M. Fisher, S.E., in the April 2005 issue of Modern Steel Construction, is a 4-page article that addresses general technical questions about roof expansion joints.

4. Technical: Curbed expansion joints: For a look at how curb-to-curb expansion joint covers are put together, see this page at the Johns Manville website.

5. Technical: Low-profile expansion joints: For a look at how a typical low-profile expansion joint cover is installed on a single-ply roof, see this page at the Versico website.

6. You can find some expansion joint accessory manufacturers here. Almost all major roofing manufacturers make expansion joint accessories, so a quick search of their websites should produce results.