Asbestos roofing brochure from 1887.

Metal Roofing Brochure from 1909.

Available Documents:

1. Coal Tar Pitch Roofing: Barrett's Handbook on Roofing and Waterproofing for Architects, Engineers, and Builders - Barrett Manufacturing Co.  - (published in 1896, 48 pages)

2. Copper Roofing: Copper Roofings - A Manual - Information for Architects and Roofing Contractors - Copper and Brass Research Association - (published in 1925, 26 pages)

3. Slate Roofing: The Story of Slate - Charles H. Davis - Davis Slate & Manufacturing Company - (published in 1923, 7 pages)

Useful Links:

1. Wood Shingle Roofing: "Fabricating and Installing Side-Lap Roof Shingles in Eastern Pennsylvania" by James Houston and John N. Fugelso, from 2008, is a terrific article, hugely informative. Available on the website of the Association for Preservation Technology International.