Rafter Manual: Using the Square • Rafter Lengths • Rafter Angles

By Roof Online Staff • Published November 19, 2022


The rafter square and framing square save time on roof construction. All necessary cuts for a particular rafter can be laid out with these two squares. A basic knowledge of rafters helps determine what scale and what number on the tool to use. The information in the following rafter manual will help when using these tools.

Diagram of a rafter.
Diagram of a rafter

Rafter Manual Table of Contents

Introduction – 1

Common Rafters with Rafter Square – 5

Common Rafters with Framing Square – 10

Hip and Valley Rafters with Rafter Square – 11

Jack Rafters – 16

Hip and Valley Rafters with Framing Square – 19

Dormer Rafters – 21

Brace Measure – 22

Rafter Length Charts – 24

Rafter Square and Framing square Diagrams – 48