Gutter with downspout on a steep-slope roof.

Gutter on a gravel-surfaced built-up roof. Removing loose gravel from the gutters is a common maintenance item with this type of roof.

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Useful Links:

1. General: Downspouts: “Closed Faced vs Open Face Downspouts in Colder Climate Regions” is short but informative. From the Metal Era website.

2. General: GuttersThe Wikipedia article here provides an accurate overview.

3. Building Codes: "1106.6 Size of Roof Gutters" from the 2015 International Plumbing Code. Available at the UpCodes website.

4. Maintenance: "General Inspection And Maintenance Of Gutters And Downspouts". Available on the website of the US General Services Administration

5. Technical: “Copper Gutters and Downspouts” over at the Copper Development Association is a thorough (if generic) architectural specification with lots of important information.

6. Technical: “Demystifying Gutter and Downspout Sizing” is a useful little article from the Architectural Graphic Standards website. Helps you understand the equations you need to use and how to use them.

7. Technical: "SMACNA’s Downspout & Gutter Sizing Calculator" is a great tool. Free to use on the website of SMACNA, the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association.

8. Technical: "Appendix B: Rates of Rainfall for Various Cities" on the ICC website provides the rainfall data for major US cities required for the sizing calculations mandated in the building codes. If your town is not listed, visit NOAA's Precipitation Frequency Data Server (PFDS) to look up the 100-year one hour rainfall data for your area.

9. Technical: "Gutters and Downspouts" can be seen at the website of the Copper Development Association, and includes an explanation of the process of determining the proper dimensions of a hypothetical gutter. Be aware that the data in the Expansion Joint section is specific to copper gutters.

10. ManufacturersGutter manufacturers can be found here.