Canadian Roofing Contractor Association Directory

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  • Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association
    “Consists of companies actively engaged in Canada in the roofing and related sheet metal contracting business, along with companies engaged in manufacturing or supplying materials and services used in any branch of the roofing and sheet metal industry.”
  • Alberta Roofing Contractors Association
    “ARCA’s mission is to serve the Alberta roofing industry by providing leadership through the development and promotion of standards, education and professional delivery of roofing services.”
  • Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia
    “It is the mission of RCABC to provide its Members with training, support and leadership to enable them to offer customers the highest quality roofing practices, guarantees, and business ethics in the roofing industry.”
  • Roofing Contractors Association of Manitoba
    “We are the recognized resource and authority for the roofing industry in the Province of Manitoba.“
  • New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association
    “An association of professional roofing contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and roof inspectors, who are dedicated to the promotion and protection of the public’s interests in everything that relates to roofing.”
  • Roofing Contractors Association Of Nova Scotia
    “RCANS strives to promote good quality workmanship in the commercial, industrial and institutional roofing industry.”
  • Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association
    “A professional group of roofing and sheet metal contractors, product suppliers/ manufacturers, building science consultants/engineers and industry members who are interested in roofing related activities.”
  • Saskatchewan Roofing Contractors’ Association
    “SRCA members support architects and construction professionals with a full understanding of commercial and industrial roofing products, techniques, and technologies.”