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Roof Online publishes guest articles. We get tens of thousands of pageviews a month from people looking for reliable roofing information, so writing an article for Roof Online is a good way to show off your expertise and let people know who you are (professionally, that is).

Visitors to the site are looking for accurate, expert information about all aspects of roofs and roofing (and other building envelope topics). Our audience includes homeowners, building owners, property managers, roofing contractors, and building envelope consultants. If you are professionally or academically involved in roofing (or any other field related to the building envelope) as a contractor, consultant, manufacturer, researcher, or academic, we’d love to help you showcase your knowledge while you help our readers at the same time.

All published articles will include the author’s name, position, and company or organization, with a link to the author’s website inviting readers to visit. A short author’s bio may be included if desired.

We are looking for original articles that do not appear anywhere else on the internet (duplicate content makes a website look bad to internet search engines). Any building envelope topic is acceptable, no matter how general or specific. Practical guides and how-to articles, maintenance tips, general introductions to materials and components, explanations of codes and standards, tricks of the trade, and so on, and so on. We’d really like to cover everything. Articles should be between 800 and 3000 words, except for research papers (which we can publish in their entirety as on-page pdf documents). Articles should be heavy on facts and light on opinion, and not show bias in favor of a particular company. When discussing materials or types of products, please refer to them generically rather than by a brand name so your article doesn’t sound like an advertisement. There will be a link to your company page. If you provide good information, people will visit.

Photographs with articles are encouraged. In fact, if you have a good picture that you think would go well with an existing article that doesn’t have one, we’ll publish your picture and give you credit.

Before writing an article, contact us here, with “Article Idea” in the subject line, and briefly describe the topic you’d like to write about. Also provide your company or organization name and your position.

Articles should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents.

We will proofread all articles that are accepted and make edits as needed.

Copyright: If you wrote it, you generally own the copyright to it. If we publish it, you will retain the rights to it. Roof Online offers no legal advice regarding copyright. You are responsible for knowing the copyright status of any article you submit. The United States Copyright Office has plenty of resources if you’d like to know more about copyright.

We are not interested in product reviews, top ten lists, or anything that won’t be useful or valid this time next year.

We will not publish any articles written by anyone who is not professionally or academically involved with the building envelope. Please don’t ask us to publish your article on internet marketing tips. Please don’t offer to write an article if you don’t have practical experience (actually installing, producing, inspecting, specifying, testing, etc.) in the subject area. We want our readers to feel confident that the information on Roof Online has been provided by people who really do know what they’re talking about.