About Roof Online

Roof Online was started by professional roof consultants from the award-winning Connecticut-based Moriarty Corporation (Roofing Technology Experts Since 1967) with personal roofing industry experience going back over 40 years.

Experience: Designing roof systems. Writing specs. Project management. Investigating roof failures. Overseeing roof installations. Providing quality assurance. Vetting and selecting contractors. Vetting and selecting manufacturers. Dealing with warranty issues. Managing roof maintenance programs. Investigating leaks and directing remedial action. Preparing accurate multi-year roof budgets.

In emergencies, making roof repairs, performing maintenance, and installing roofing materials ourselves.

Answering our clients’ questions about a constantly expanding array of roofing topics. In short, being roof experts.

We’ve been involved, in one way or another, with over a thousand different buildings, from historic landmark buildings in New York City to shopping centers in Texas; from giant warehouses in Chicago to Caribbean resorts.

Not to mention the occasional house here and there.

Our stock-in-trade has always been our specialized knowledge of the building envelope, roofs in particular, and we’ve had to continually educate ourselves in order to keep that knowledge current.

But even with all our experience, we still have to look things up. All the time.

Part of being a roof consultant is knowing the answer, but another big part of it is knowing exactly where to FIND the answer.

We thought that something like Roof Online would make our job easier.

Then we thought that something like Roof Online would make a lot of other people’s jobs easier. 

So here it is.