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By Roof Online Staff • Last updated January 23, 2024

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A brown standing seam metal roof (image with four small dormers.
Standing seam metal roof (image courtesy ATAS International)

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Metal roofing is any roofing system that uses metal panels or tiles as the primary roofing material. Metal roof systems have become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners due to its durability, longevity, and recyclability. Unlike other roofing materials that require frequent maintenance and replacement, metal roofing has an average lifespan of 40 or 50 years and can last up to 100 years with proper care.

There are several types of metal roofing, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Steel roofing is the most commonly used type of metal roofing due to its affordability and strength. It is available in a range of colors and styles and can be easily customized to match any architectural style.

Aluminum roofing is another popular type of metal roofing. It’s lightweight and it doesn’t rust. It is an ideal choice for coastal areas where saltwater in the air can cause significant damage to other roofing materials.

Copper roofing is also an excellent choice for its aesthetics, durability, and resistance to corrosion. It’s the most expensive metal roofing option but it can last up to 100 years or more.

Zinc roofing is also expensive, but also highly durable, resistant to corrosion, and provides a different look than copper.

There are several types of metal panels, such as ribbed panels or R-panels, corrugated panels, standing seam, flat seam, and so on, with panels also available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and finishes.

This gives homeowners a huge number of options for customizing the look of their roofs.

Standing seam metal roofing is very popular. It features raised seams running vertically up the roof’s surface. These seams are snapped together to form a tight, weathertight seal, providing excellent protection against the elements.

Metal shingles mimic the look of traditional shingles but provides enhanced toughness and lifespan. Metal shingles are available in various shapes, including diamond, fish scale, slate, and wood shake.

Metal roofing is an excellent investment for homeowners who want to enhance the look of their homes while providing excellent protection against the elements. With various types of metal roofing available, homeowners can choose the best material that suits their style, budget, and climate conditions.

With proper installation and maintenance, metal roofing can last for decades, making it an excellent long-term investment for any homeowner.


Here’s a list of metal roofing manufacturers who produce all kinds of metal roofing materials. These manufacturers produce metal roofing options that cater to different styles, budgets, and climatic conditions.

Our list includes well-known metal roofing brands that have been leaders in the metal roofing industry for decades, as well as newer companies who produce quality products.


If you are a reputable and qualified metal roofing manufacturer and feel that we’ve overlooked your company, feel free to contact us to ask to be added to this list.

Metal Roofing Manufacturers List

  • American Building Components – Standing seam metal roofing, r-panels, various other types of roof panels
  • AEP Span – Architectural metal roofing and siding, standing seam metal roof systems
  • ATAS International Inc. – Metal wall panels, perforated metal, insulated metal panels, soffit, perimeter edge systems, standing seam metal roof systems, metal shingles, metal tiles
  • Basic Copper – Copper sheets and rolls, copper fasteners,
  • Berridge Manufacturing Company – Metal tile systems, metal shingle systems, fascia, soffit, exposed fastener panel systems, standing seam roofing
  • Bluescope Steel – Steel roofing products
  • Butler Manufacturing – Structural metal panel systems, standing seam roofing
  • Central States Manufacturing, Inc. – Exposed fastener panel systems, standing seam metal systems
  • Centria – Standing seam roofing, insulated metal roof panels, exposed fastener roof panels
  • Classic Metal Roofing Systems – Interlocking metal shingles, shakes, tile, and standing seam roofing 
  • CopperCraft – Copper roofing products: decorative dormers, commercial dormers, cupolas, chimney pots and caps, cornices, spires and finials, conductor heads, copper gutters and downspouts, louvers, soffit, vents, standing seam copper roofing, diamond panels, flat seam copper panels
  • Cornerstone Building Brands – Parent company of American Building Components, MBCI, and Metal Depots
  • CST Industries, Inc. – CST is an industry leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing aluminum spaceframes and specialty structures including environmental enclosures, canopies, entranceways, atriums, domes, large and small span structures and specialty lightweight structures.
  • Custom-Bilt Metals – Standing seam roofing, aluminum shakes and shingles, corrugated metal roof panels, TFR-36 and PBR panels
  • Decra Metal Roofing – Stone-coated steel: metal shingle roofing, metal shake roofing, and metal tile roofing
  • Dimensional Metals, Inc. – Architectural metal roof and wall panel systems, standing seam metal roofing
  • Drexel Metals Inc. – Standing seam metal roof systems
  • Englert Inc. – Standing seam metal roofing, structural metal roofs, curved panel roof systems
  • Fabral Metal Wall and Roof Systems – Concealed fastener panels, exposed fastener panels, copper products, standing seam
  • Fine Metal Roof Tech – Shingles made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, zinc, copper, terne, and titanium. Standing seam, Quadro panels in various metals, and custom metal roof systems.
  • Future Roof Systems – “Future Roof is a manufacturer of premium Cool Roof Rating Council-rated steel roofing systems. We also offer a high-quality copper roofing system. All steel roof profiles, including a hidden fastener Mediterranean Tile, Shingle, Slate, Shake, and Diamond, are available in various colors protected with Durapon 70®, a full 70% PVDF with a superior low gloss finish.”
  • Heritage Building Systems – “Our drafters and engineers design custom steel buildings to fit nearly any commercial, residential or agricultural steel building project. We specialize in steel barns, storage buildings and garages, mini storage facilities, horse stables and riding arenas, community buildings, aircraft hangars, and much more.”
  • Holcim Elevate (formerly Firestone Building Products) – Standing seam roof systems, metal soffit systems
  • Ideal Roofing (Canada) – Steel shingles, standing seam steel roofing, Kynar-coated steel roofing tiles 
  • Interlock Roofing Ltd. – Stamped aluminum metal roof tiles/shingles resembling slate, cedar shingles, shake, and Mediterranean tile, as well as standing seam roof panels
  • Kingspan Group – Insulated metal panel systems
  • MBCI Metal Roof and Wall Systems – Concealed fastening roof systems, exposed fastening roof panels, standing seam roof panels, curved roof systems, soffits, and underhung canopies
  • McElroy Metal, Inc. – Standing seam metal roof panels, exposed fastener metal roof panels, metal shingles and tile, insulated metal roof panels
  • Metal-Era Inc. – Parapet wall coping systems, fascia, gutters and downspouts
  • Metallic Building Systems – Various standing seam roof systems, corrugated metal roof panels, R-panels
  • Metal Panels Inc. – Standing seam systems, concealed fastener & exposed fastener panels, R-panel, PBR panel, snap-lock panel, corrugated panels, metal trim
  • Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation – Exposed fastener panel systems, concealed fastener panel systems
  • Metl-Span – A large variety of insulated metal panel systems
  • Nucor Building Systems – Structural metal panel systems, standing seam, insulated panels
  • Petersen Aluminum Corporation – A variety of metal roof panel systems, including standing seam. Metal roof tile systems. Coping systems, fascia systems, gutters and downspouts. Metal soffit panels.
  • Revere Copper Products, Inc. – Coil, strip, sheet, and plate copper. Custom-made copper products.
  • Rolled Steel Products, Inc. – Standing seam panels, corrugated metal panels, R-panels, soffit and wall panels
  • SEMCO Southeastern Metals – A variety of metal panel types: 5V crimp, corrugated, PBR panel, R-panel, Sem-Lok, SM Rib
  • Southern Aluminum Finishing Company – Custom-fabricated and finished aluminum
  • Vande Hey Raleigh Mfg., Inc. – “Vande Hey Raleigh can custom design and fabricate copper accessories to finish off your tile roof project…Contact us about copper accessories such as caps, shrouds, cupolas, weathervanes, turret tops, gutters, flashing and copper roofs.”
  • Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions – Stone-coated steel tile and shingle roof systems
  • Whirlwind Steel – Primarily a manufacturer of steel buildings, also produces steel panels in a wide range of profiles.
  • Worthouse – Steel products. Modular metal roofing panels, gutters, and soffits.