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By Roof Online Staff • Last updated September 6, 2022

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Roof Vent Manufacturers
Solar-powered roof-mounted attic exhaust fan (image courtesy Home Depot)

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If you represent a reputable and qualified roof ventilation product manufacturer and feel that we’ve overlooked your company, feel free to contact us to ask to be added to this list.

Roof Vent Manufacturers List

  • Active Ventilation Products – Roof vents, attic ventilators, roof louvers, solar attic fans
  • Air Vent Inc. – Exhaust vents, intake vents, solar attic fans, static vents, power vents, ridge vents, soffit vents, whole-house fans
  • Berger Building Products – ridge vents, soffit vents
  • Lomanco, Inc.  – Turbine vents, ridge vents, static roof vents, power roof vents, intake vents, gable vents
  • Loren Cook Company – General ventilation (commercial), general ventilation (industrial), restaurant ventilation, high temperature ventilation, smoke control, laboratory exhaust ventilation
  • Metal-Era Inc. – Ridge vents, vented fascia, truss vents, vented screens
  • O’Hagin Superior Attic Ventilation Products – static attic vents designed to match tile, shingle, slate, or shake roofing
  • SEMCO Southeastern Metals – Ridge vents, roof jack vents, static off-ridge vents, gooseneck vents
  • Solaro Energy – Solar-powered attic fan vents, solar powered ventilation systems
  • Thunderbird Products – static attic vents in copper or stainless steel, gravity and T-top vents for TPO and PVC commercial roofs