Screen Walls/Equipment Screens

Rooftop equipment screen on a built-up roof.

Rooftop screen wall at 25 stories.

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More Pictures:

1. The Famous Rooftop Screen Walls of Boston 

2. The Famous Rooftop Screen Walls of Hartford

3. The Famous Rooftop Screen Walls of Irving, Texas

Useful Links:

1. General: We like this little article/blog post, "Rooftop Equipment Screens" over on Architekwiki. It gives you an architect's opinion on how equipment screen walls can be used to improve a building's aesthetics along with some design and construction detail information. (If the link doesn’t send you to the right page, just search for “rooftop equipment screens” on the site’s home page.)

2. Building Codes: "1510.6 Mechanical Equipment Screens" from the 2015 International Building Code. Available at the UpCodes website. Always check with your local authority to find out which code is in effect in your jurisdiction.

3. Technical: "Rooftop Equipment Wind Load And Its Mitigation For Buildings In Hurricane Prone Regions" discusses research and testing funded by the State of Florida Division of Emergency Management in partnership with the International Hurricane Research Center - Florida International University. Very useful information..."The aim of this research is to develop mitigation techniques that will reduce the wind loading on mechanical rooftop equipment and the forces transferred to the roof supporting structure by the equipment through the use of aerodynamic retrofits such as installation of wind screens."

4. Manufacturers: See here for rooftop equipment screen manufacturers.