The Ten Best Rooftop Movie Scenes!

Roof Online Staff

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Some of these have a lot of violence or foul language. If you’re an adult and you’ve ever seen an R-rated movie, you’ll be fine.

We like trying to guess what kind of roof the roof in a movie is. We’re still having a hard time with the CGI roof in The Matrix; it looks a lot like a rooftop plaza deck with improbably oversized sand-colored pavers, but they don’t give you a lot of clues about what’s supposed to be underneath them. Looks like they slacked off when it came to the roofs in that particular movie.

You know, they have film technical consultants for military stuff in Hollywood, why not movie roof consultants? Please contact Roof Online if you’d like to hire us for that!

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Best Rooftop Movie Scenes

10. “The Rooftop Chase Scene” from Vertigo

9. “Nitti Doesn’t Beat the Rap” from The Untouchables

8. “The Roof Scene” from Frantic

7. “Opening Scene” from Skyfall

6. “Dodge This” from The Matrix

5. Cary Grant and George Kennedy: “Rooftop Fight Scene” from Charade

4. “Terry Asks Edie Out on a Date” from On The Waterfront

3. “The Roofing Scene” from The Shawshank Redemption

2. “The Murder of Don Fanucci” from The Godfather Part II

1. The “Tears in Rain” Scene from Blade Runner