TPO Roofing

A fully-adhered TPO roof.

A sheet of TPO during a roof installation, folded back on itself to show the white top surface and the gray underside.

Useful Links:

1. General: For an in-depth general article about various roof systems, see this page at the Whole Building Design Guide site, which is maintained by the National Institute of Building Sciences.

2. General: "Thermoplastic Polyolefins (TPOs) in Roofing Applications" - this is a very good short introductory article available on the SPRI website.

3. Chemical Compatibility of TPO: See this Chemical Resistance Guide for information about whether a substance will damage a TPO roof. The document is on the website of Roofing Products International.

4. Inspection of TPO Roof Systems: "TPO (Thermoplastic) Rooftop Guide/Inspection Checklist" is a handy two-page document put together by Carlisle Syntec Systems. It references Carlisle products, but it's broadly applicable to other TPO systems.

5. SafetySee this Material Safety Data Sheet for health and safety information about TPO roofing at the GenFlex websiteThis is only an example and other products and brands may be different.

6. TechnicalSee this TPO roof installation guide to see what's going on in a typical TPO roof system. The guide is made available on the Johns Manville website.

7. TechnicalSee this Product Data Sheet for the technical characteristics of TPO roofing at the Johns Manville websiteThis is only an example and other products and brands may be different.

8. Testing: "Testing TPO (An unprecedented study shows surprising variations among TPO membranes" explores TPO performance issues. The article appeared in Professional Roofing magazine in 2015 and is available on the GAF website.  

9. For a list of TPO roofing manufacturers, see here.