How to Measure a Roof with Google Earth

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Click on the images to enlarge them.

7. Rotate the Roof

To make sure the roof fills up as much of the image field as possible, you can rotate the roof using the rotate tool in the top right corner of the image field.

Put the cursor on the “N”, hold down the left mouse button, and move the “N” around the little circle to rotate the image.

It usually works out best if you line up the longest edge of the roof so that it’s parallel with the top edge of the image field.

8. Reset the Viewing Angle

Keep rotating, zooming, and centering the image until you’re satisfied.

At this point, the image will most likely be tilted so that it looks like you’re viewing the roof at an angle, which can be irritating. This can be fixed with the “Reset” tool.

At the top left, click on “View”. This opens a drop-down menu. At the bottom of this drop-down menu, click on “Reset”.

This will open up another little menu. Click on “Tilt”, and your view of the roof will once again be from straight above.

Do not click on “Compass” or “Tilt and Compass”, or you’ll undo all the rotating you just did.