Roofing Terms that Start with the Letter “Q”

Roof Online’s Glossary of Roofing Terms

By Roof Online Staff • Updated October 8, 2022

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Qualitative Test: A test that determines whether or not a specific substance is present in the sample.

Quality Assurance: (Abbreviated QA.) Observation and documentation of construction activity with the goal of ensuring that the outcome of the project is a product that is in accordance with industry standards, the project specifications and other contract documents, and any other relevant standards.

Quantitative Test: A test that determines the amount of a specific substance present in the sample.

Quarry Tile: Unglazed tile produced by extrusion from natural clay or shales.

Queen-post: Either of two vertical support posts which are set at an equal distance from the apex of the roof within a triangular roof truss. (Also see King-post).

Queen-post Roof: A roof supported by queen-posts.

Queen-post Truss: A type of triangular roof truss which incorporates two vertical support members, on each side of the apex of the truss, connecting the tie-beam and the rafters.

Quick-setting cement: A type of fast-drying asphalt-based or asphalt-compatible cement used to adhere the butt edge of shingles or roll roofing to the course below.

Quonset Hut: A prefabricated building, semi-circular in cross-section, typically consisting of a corrugated metal roof, which also functions as the walls of the structure, with vertical closure pieces at either end.

Quotation: (Or Quote.) A vague term in the construction industry that may or may not be the same thing as an estimate or a proposal. It generally indicates a good faith price for work to be performed by a contractor, or for material to be provided by a supplier.

QTR: Quarry Tile Roof

QUV: A laboratory testing technique which simulates weathering effects on a material at accelerated rates.